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Specialized Aero Works provides specialized flight training in the areas of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), Emergency Maneuvering, Spins, Aerobatics, Backcountry, Tailwheel, Formation, and more. We provide customized academics and flight training in order to give each pilot the appropriate training needed to increase their capabilities and decision making abilities as a pilot, therefore increasing safety.


Mike “Cuckoo” Kloch is a Bend, Oregon based test pilot & master flight instructor. He teaches a wide variety of subjects from upset prevention and recovery training, tailwheel, formation, turbine and much more. He is also available for aircraft testing, chase flights, photo shoots, aircraft ferrying, bank repossessions and possibly any other interesting projects.


The only program of its kind in the United States! Outlaw Aviation is partnered with Sisters High School, the Sisters School Foundation, Sisters Eagle Airport and numerous private donors to provide students unparalleled access to general aviation while attending high school.

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Pegasus Aviation provides flight training and aircraft rentals at the Corvallis Airport in OR.

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